Imagine a website that can interest wide audience and most important take first places

We know how and can increase sales

The priority of our company – our customers are our friends. We accompany our clients beginning from a call, to a profitable business and ideas for expansion.

Professional Development

Our experts quickly and efficiently complete the task. No "dirty" code. Only the best modules.

Guarantee maintenance

In a case of error, you can rely on after-sales service for 12 months.

Cross-browser compatibility

Various devices and screen extensions will not become a restriction. Visit a website from any gadget and see for yourself.

24/7 Support

Premium technical support for all customers. We are always ready to help - we work without days off.

Simple Administration

Multi-account system helps easily register your staff - a manager, editor or co-founder with different access rights.

Complex Approach

Developing the website, we consider all little things that can be important to the customer. For example, if he wants to continue working on web himself

Still want a quality website?

Let's go through the main stages of development.

Our experts will always help you in any matter and choose the best option for doing your business.

How is everything going?


Acquaintance and providing the package of services that will fully fit your business niche.


Building a strategy and technical specifications. Definition of goals and objectives. Coordination of the site structure and individual design.


Payment of 50% for website developing. Buying hosting and choosing a domain name.

From theory to practice

Installing CMS on the selected hosting, connecting a domain name. Realization of technical task (programming + design), the basic content and testing.

Keys transfer

Сustomer training in working with website, last 50% payment, the transfer of all rights and passwords.

Customer wishes

The website is completely ready. But we can offer further services for promotion, content filling and all possible corrections. At any time you can expand the functionality of the website.

What makes our websites from the rest

Functional design and premium plugins give not only complete freedom of action, but also the convenience of performing daily operations. We can safely be proud of the fact that the quality of our work is almost as good as the trends of IT giants. Considering the fact that we are a relatively young IT company, we still enjoy prices and make nice gifts for our regular customers.

Development of a corporate logo

If you have not yet decided what your logo will be, then it's time to think about it. Large companies have a simple and well-recognized logo that describes the nature and trends of the company. Thus, today a corporate logo can not only attract attention and be sold, but is also a sign of good tone.

24/7 support system

You must admit that it is very important for your business to generate income, even when you are sleeping. That is why today most of the services allow not only to monitor the client in real time, but also to easily substitute the manager. Just download the mobile app to your phone and stay online even when you're on the go.

Liqpay and Privat24

This format implies the availability of electronic money. To pay for a product or service on the site is now easier than ever. After placing the order, the client will be offered the option of quick payment. The Liqpay system interacts with all banks and is even present at the terminals.

Our it contribution

work hours
completed projects
plug-ins designed
satisfied customers
cups of coffee

Let's talk about promoting

It is no secret that the first places in the top absorb all profits of the market

A good multi-functional website is the dream of every businessman. Therefore, everyone wants to be in the top next morning, but unfortunately the search engines have their own algorithm for determining priority. Time to overcome the milestone to the first page – can be from 6 months to 1 year with high competition. High competition means – the subject of your business is not unique and you are fighting with other market participants for first place. In other words, if you got this long-awaited place, then decided not to invest money more in the development of the site – soon other active market participants will force you out. It is also important to set up Google ads in right way, that will allow you to reduce advertising expenses. At the same time, some “experts” prove the effectiveness of gray SEO, but after getting the site under sanctions they just shrug. After many years of investing, the site is losing ground. Even incorrect mapping of the site and robot.txt can lead to the fact that a lot of “garbage” can get into the network and the pagerank of each individual page will decrease. this is not what we want. right?

– What do we offer? Only clean and transparent work with monthly reports and explanations. We are interested in having a good reputation and recommendation of clients.

Services we provide

* application development and other services can be discussed individually


from 300 $
Adaptive layout
Site protection
Adding to search engines
24/7 support


from 300 $
Adaptive layout
Site protection
Adding to search engines
24/7 support


from 350 $
Adaptive layout
Site protection
Adding to search engines
24/7 support


from 400 $
Adaptive layout
Site protection
Adding to search engines
24/7 support


from 200 $
Search audit
Semantics creation
Internal optimization
Installation of analytics systems


from 100 $
Professional setting
Good budget planning
Instant top positions
Maximum audience reach
Up to 60% conversion rate

Knowledge base

#woo #jquery #js #git #mysql #html #css #php #yii #bootstrap #ps #coreldraw #cpanel #googleanalytics #yandexmetrika #adwords and more
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